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Johnson And Johnson Contacts ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day Multifocal 90
ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day Multifocal 90
Johnson And Johnson
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      LENS TYPE:Multifocal
      MATERIAL:Senofilcon A
      MANUFACTURER:Johnson And Johnson
      We are spending more time on digital devices causing us to blink less, which can lead to discomfort and blurry vision. As we age into our 40s and beyond the demands of today are particularly troubling, we begin to lose the ability to see up close, and their eyes may become more dry, which can lead to discomfort, and inconsistent vision. Introducing the first and only contact lens to combine TearStable™ Technology, OptiBlue™ Light Filter, and Pupil Optimized design which delivers crisp clear vision at all distances, and in all lighting conditions, plus all day comfort! AVUVUE OASYS MAX 1-Day Contact Lenses provide: TearStable™ Technology: Designed to Lock in Moisture for all-day comfort; OptiBlue™ Light Filter: High level of blue-violet light filtering for visual clarity, day to night; Pupil Optimized™ Design: Unique optical design to help you see near, far and in between.

      Johnson And Johnson
      ACUVUE® OASYS MAX 1-Day Multifocal 90