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Ray-Ban Eyewear

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Ray-Ban's strong and streamlined eyewear styles transcend time with their enduring shapes and revolutionary design.

Matte Black

Sold Out $200

The Classics, framed in the past

All of the most-beloved shapes, from retro-wingtip Wayfarers to soaring Aviators, are present and accounted for.

The originals take flight

Vintage-inspired wingtip and rounded shapes combined with bold designs offer an effortless combination of classic and contemporary.


Sold Out $180


Sold Out $180

Black Silver

Sold Out NEW $200

Black Silver

Sold Out NEW $200

How would I describe my style? I would say BCBG, which stands for Bon Chic, Bon Genre. In English, this simply means classic style, good attitude.

~ Eugenie, Vision Ambassador

Ray-Ban glasses and sunglasses

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