DSquared2 Sunglasses

DSquared2 DQ0038-59



DSquared2 DQ0063-58

Dark Violet Blue Fade


DSquared2 DQ0059-60

Black Silver


DSquared2 Sunglasses

One of a Kind Eyewear Collection

DSquared2 is one of a kind: the only pair of Canadian identical twins who are at the helm of an Italian fashion house. Dean and Dan Caten have operated in the international fashion business since 1984. In 1994, after much collaboration with the most important fashion houses, they had their first men’s collection show, marking the first in a long succession of runway extravaganzas that captured the attention of journalists and buyers due to their perfect combination of fashion, music and theater.

The DSquared2 eyewear collection is a perfect example of their "Born in Canada, living in London, made in Italy" philosophy and is embodied in both their optical and sunglass designs. The DSquared2 sunglasses are an intelligent mix of irreverent Canadian wit and supremely refined Italian couture, blending bold, extreme cat-eye shapes, edgy oversized teardrops, and inverted aviators for an unforgettable collection. Taking inspiration from their runway shows, these sunglasses combine audacious acetates with metal accents that show the craftsmanship and attention to detail that the DSquared2 twins are recognized for. The simple elegance of the DSquared2 logo illustrates the refined and understated nature of the brand to perfection. If you love the DSquared2 style, don’t miss out on their extremely enviable Dsquared eyeglasses collection!