3 Looks to Reinvent your Eyestyle | $49 Glasses

To help further reinvent your eyestyle, we’ve put together three looks for different occasions using glasses from our $49 glasses selection. At such a great price, not only can you switch up your looks but you can do it without breaking the bank.


$49 - DC birch

The Derek Cardigan 7009 Birch are the perfect frames for your 9-5 work ensemble. The classic style is made in a petite size with a light brown acetate making them bold yet chic. We’ve complemented the glasses with an overall delicate colour scheme.


$49 - Gant Morgan Olive Tortoise

For those days when you want a comfortable and casual look, the Gant Morgan Olive Tortoise frames are the perfect hue and size. The two-toned frame gives you a variety of colours to play and pair with and the oversized shape makes them stand out. We’ve matched the glasses with earthy tones and a pop of red for extra colour.


$49 - Love l747

If a brunch or a shopping trip with friends is on the schedule, the Love L747 Yellow Tort frames are perfect for those occasions. The subtle cat eye shape and tortoiseshell colour gives them a sophisticated feminine vibe. We thought a neutral coloured outfit with some nude pinks would really make the glasses pop.

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