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Alicia Quan is a fashion blogger, elaborate storyteller, and entrepreneur. Long after the days of notebook sketches and sewing machine blunders, Alicia’s career in the fashion industry began at a reputable local clothing company. She worked her way up from folding sweaters part-time to Web Stylist & Online Marketing Specialist. It was those days surrounded by fabric swatches and trend boards that inspired Alicia has since left her nine to five to pursue her own business venture, Capital Q Creative. Her time is now invested in taking photos, writing copy, interacting online, event planning, and styling gigs.


We are excited to introduce Alicia Fashionista’s glasses collection which showcases her favourite picks from While she used to play it safe when it came to glasses, she decided it was time to make a statement with her specs; a better match for her fashion driven lifestyle. Each pair she chose for her collection brings something fun and unique to the table so she can use them as an outfit accessory rather than a burden.





The Derek Cardigan 7004 Ice are super playful and a real conversation piece.



The Derek Cardigan 7023 Olive fit me perfectly and is my everyday choice. Even had a few friends try them on, which is a huge compliment to me!


The designer Balenciaga 0118 Black/Grey are super chic, I love pairing them with my trendiest looks. I’m just so happy that I can now see all the time AND that I can look stylish while doing so!


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