Avril Lavigne Glasses: Punk Rock

Avril Lavigne has been making headlines since the start of her career 12 years ago. On top of her albums reaching number one several times, Avril has also launched her own charity, “The Avril Lavigne Foundation”, and founded a successful clothing line, Abbey Dawn. The biggest news recently, however, is Avril’s engagement to Chad Kroeger, leading front man of Nickleback.

Avril Lavigne’s clothing line, Abbey Dawn, is a perfect representation of her personal style: bold punk rock. It’s a style that’s hard to ignore; even more so when it’s emphasized by her bold eyeglasses style such as the thick black acetate eyeglasses seen below and clubmaster style frames shown above.

When asked what inspires her Abbey Dawn designs, Avril Lavigne replied:

“Pretty much my closet and what I’m wearing. I like to be casual, I like to be comfortable. I like rock and roll elements like plaid, studs, skulls, stripes. I like classic, kind of rock and roll patterns and prints, like leopard and zebra. I just make it girly and do fun things with sparkles, pink and purple.” – Style Bistro

If you’re interested in seeing some pieces of the Abbey Dawn clothing line, check out Avril’s 2011 music video for “What The Hell” where you can see her wearing her own brand.

Avril Lavigne is commonly seen wearing bold, black Retro-Wingtip style frames as well as fire engine red eyeglasses with the same shape. Avril’s eyeglasses style choice is in sync with her bold design philosophy for Abbey Dawn which is apparent in the photo below of Avril at the launch of the clothing line.

To get Avril Lavigne’s edgy punk rock style with a feminine twist, our editors’ have picked out their top Avril inspired frames.

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