Balenciaga Glasses | Spring Hues

Mint, sweet pink and powder blue are the colours of spring and we’ve worked these particular colours into this week’s sleek Stylist Approved look. Round Balenciaga glasses with thick temples in mauve and lilac work to soften a more angular jawline.


A bright pencil skirt from Alexander McQueen paired with a digital print sleeveless blouse makes for great contrast. The embossed print on the skirt makes the piece timeless and the print from the blouse breaks up the solid colours from the rest of the pieces. Throw on a wool twill coat on top with this season’s mules and you’re set!


Mules is the word to remember for upcoming spring. It is the must-have shoe of the season encompassing a fun aspect with the peep-toe but also being super chic with the skinny heel.

To play down the pastel hues and sugary pieces, we’ve chosen a pair of mauve lilac Balenciaga glasses. Not only is it perfect for this outfit but it will match any spring look making it a key piece for any women’s spring accessory line.



Using a nude palette is ideal for such a colourful spring ensemble. A frosted pink blush will give you that subtle hint of colour on your cheeks that won’t be competing with your outfit.


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