Best Hairstyles for Men with Glasses


Fashion is more important to men now than it has even been, with the latest trends in clothing and accessories on their radars. A popular method for men to make a fashion statement is through coupling hairstyles with trendy glasses. You may have wondered which hairstyles will look the best with the type of glasses you wear. Obviously, your perfect hairstyle will depend on what frames you have and your own personal style.

But if you aren’t sure what hairdo you should go with next, have no fear! We’ve assembled a list of some of the top hairstyles for men with glasses.

Small Glasses Frames

Opting for smaller frames is one of the most popular fashions in men’s glasses, especially for reading glasses. But what haircut have you chosen to wear? Going for a short cut over a longer, chin-length cut will help avoid making your face appear smaller and boxed-in.

Wide or Thick Frames

Avoid hairstyles that add a lot of volume on the sides where your frame ends, since wide glasses frames already draw attention to that area. Shorter hairstyles with strong lines are a good option as they keep the focus on your face. You can also try hairstyles with some height and texture on top, which will complement your wide frames.

Retro-Styled Frames

Side-parted hair or a quirky 80s style haircut will help you play up the vintage vibe, and you can customize the ‘do to match the decade your style of glasses is from.

Oversized Frames

The perfect complement to an oversized glasses frame is a short and fun hairstyle. With big frames, it’s all about finding the right balance. If you go too long, you’ll get lost in your hair and frames. Too short, your glasses will overpower your face. It’s all a matter of proportions.

Funky Statement Glasses

If you like to sport funky, eccentric frames, go with a razor-short haircut. Keeping your hair super short keeps the focus on your face and your glasses.

Finding the right combination of hairstyle and glasses can help you define your look. Not every hairstyle will work in harmony with the particular type of frame you choose to wear. When it comes down to it, the best hairstyles for men with glasses are ones that properly compliment their style of glasses.

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