Best selling glasses of the month: May 2017


With the start of warmer weather, we see a little more colour and vibrancy reflected in best selling glasses for May. Beyond the tropical prints and emerald greens, we also have shimmering matte greys, and translucent blacks shot through with purples, pinks, and reds. There’s something for everyone in this month’s lineup, so let’s take you through May 2017’s best selling glasses:

#1 Derek Cardigan 7042 Palm Bamboo




Fresh from one of our newest collection launches, the Palm Bamboo was an instant hit with Derek Cardigan and We Are Handsome fans alike. Its curved brow and squared-off D shape lens make a great fit for smaller foreheads, soft features, and rounded jaws. They also make the perfect prescription (and non-prescription) sunglasses, if you’re seeking sunshine this Summer.


#2 Derek Cardigan Deckard 7714 Grey



Our 2016 Retro Flux collection continues to be a fan favourite, with the Deckard very much at the forefront (occupying two spots on this list alone). These broad D frame glasses are perfect for most face shapes, particularly round jaws, soft features, and low foreheads.


#3 Michelle Lane 815 Noir




Classic elegance is at the heart of this perennial best seller from Michelle Lane’s 2016 Paris collection. The 815 is a slim and flattering rectangular shape that looks great on round and oval faces. The glossy black frame is lined with a marbled purple and gold design that shines subtly through on the face.


#4 Derek Cardigan Deckard 7714 Green




It’s the Deckard again, this time in a gleaming emerald hue that complements cooler skin tones. Adjustable nose pads and acetate-coated ear pieces lend extra durability and comfort to this classic style.


#5 B. Lang 2024 Black Red


Finally, a newer entry to the list: This butterfly shaped frame from B. Lang looks beautiful on low brows, rounded jaws, and angular features. The saddle bridge is a good fit for longer, narrower noses while flexible spring hinges add durability and comfort.

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Our Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses provides more information on tailoring your frame to ensure the perfect fit, shopping by frame type, and tips for complementing your eyewear to your hair and eye colour, and skin tone.


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