Bookworm Glasses Style

Science fiction, mystery, thriller, romance… whatever your genre may be, your literary choice can affect your bookworm style more than you know.

If you are like Mackenzie Hamilton, self-diagnosed bookworm and model for our Real Style, Real Value photo shoot, then it may be fun for you to self-reflect and see what your bookworm style says about you.

Not only does the genre say a lot about your bookworm glasses style, but your reading location of choice says just as much. Do you prefer reading in a coffee shop sipping on your favourite hot beverage? Or is mother nature the place for you when it’s reading time? Or is the comfort of your favourite chair at home the only thing you need to enjoy a good book?

If you need assistance when it comes to figuring out your bookworm style, we’re here to assist. Start by thinking about where you enjoy to read, then design a style to match, and finally accessorize with the perfect pair of glasses. Follow these steps and you’ll find the perfect bookworm glasses style in one flip of a page.

The sound of low chatter along with the smell of fresh brewing coffee can add up to be the ultimate relaxation zone. If your ideal reading spot is your local coffee house then try bold bookworm glasses in rich tones that will draw attention to you.

If your zen reading zone is in a park with mother nature, try emphasizing your bookworm style with eyeglasses that fit the scenery as well as your outfit.

If that special chair is the only spot anyone can find you reading, try accessorizing your relaxed bookworm glasses style with frames that are comfortable with nose pads and clean lines.


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