Cat Eye Makeup for Glasses

Whether you realize it or not, your glasses are the first thing people see. Rather than hiding behind those precious specs, why not learn how to apply the perfect cat eye makeup to enhance the beauty behind the lenses.

Cat eye makeup can do wondrous things not only for your eyes, but for your face as well. Extending the natural lash line upwards automatically lifts your features creating a striking look.

Learn how to apply cat eye makeup for glasses by watching the video above.

Once you’ve mastered applying cat eye makeup, it’s essential your new look doesn’t get lost behind the wrong style of eyeglasses. The upward sloping lines of cat eye makeup is best paired with a pair of cat eye eyeglasses that mirror this look.

Strong & Bold

If strong and bold is the look you’re going for, try a pair of black or tortoiseshell print cat eye eyeglasses.

Flirty & Lighthearted

If you’re hoping for something a little more flirty and lighthearted, try cat eye glasses that are translucent.

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