Change the View: San Francisco

Initiated by, the Change the View project’s goal of donating over 2 million pairs of eyeglasses by the year 2020 has since expanded. The project recently announced it will now include supplying protective sunglasses and vitamins that are known to improve eye health as well.

One of the more recent Change the View missions took place over four days in San Francsico this past July. The Change the View project partnered with local optometrists to provide complete eye health examinations to those who could not otherwise afford it. Participants were then given the opportunity to select their own personal eyeglasses style using our virtual Try On View. This online tool allows customers to upload a photo to see what glasses style best suits them. This mission concluded with 470 pairs of eyeglasses being donated to those in need.

Founder and CEO of, Roger Hardy, describes how the Change the View project is making a difference, “It is important for us to get involved with the local community to help provide people in need with eyewear that is so important to their daily life. For many it is simply unattainable by their own means. We feel lucky to be able to give back through our Change the View project”.

In support of World Sight Day, which is held this year on Thursday, October 11th, we hope to do our part through the Change the View project’s overarching goal:

For every pair of eyeglasses purchased, someone in need is given a pair of eyeglasses, a pair of sunglasses or Vitamin A tablets.

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