Derek Cardigan: Cake Topper

With hashtag DEREKCARDIGAN having just hit over 3500 instagram photos, we love scrolling through the collection of amazing fan pics. The most recent #DEREKCARDIGAN photo that caught our eye was an image of the most adorable and unique cake topper featuring miniature Derek Cardigan 7010 Black glasses!

We were excited to meet the happy couple behind the photo, Britny and Jake Schroeder, and had a chance to ask them a few questions about their personal style.


Britny’s Fun Facts

Name: Britny Schroeder

Profession: Model

Passion: Art

Fave Store: American Apparel

Your Idols: Sailor Moon and Tank Girl

Driving to this music: Taylor Swift

Fashion Do: Leggings

Fashion Don’t: Uggs

City that’s always on your mind: Seattle

Can’t live without: Jake… and ranch dressing


Jake’s Fun Facts

Name: Jake Schroeder

Profession: Tattoo Artist

Passion: Art

Fave Store: GameStop

Can’t live without: My lady

Driving to this music: Jay-Z

Fashion Do: Levi 514

Fashion Don’t: White Pants

City that’s always on your mind: A rainy one

Your Idols: Chuck Close and Gustave Doré

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