Evergreen Glasses | Earth Conscious Eyewear


We’re very excited to launch brand new frames to add to our exclusive Evergreen collection. As an earth-conscious brand, Evergreen glasses are made up of 95% recycled materials and with 12 styles for both men and women, there’s something for everyone!

Along with being made out of 95% recycled materials, a tree is planted for every Evergreen frame that is purchased and ClearlyContacts.ca has planted 30,000 so far due to the program. To generate income while reducing their carbon footprint, local farmers in developing countries transplant the trees from nurseries into their farms. Not only does the Evergreen collection make you look good but it makes you feel good too!


Evergreen 6015 Black Blue

Also available in: Tortoise Yellow | Black Tortoise | Purple Cross Fade

Evergreen 6016 Purple Gradient

Also available in: Tortoise Pink | Black Gradient | Black

Evergreen 6018 Black

Also available in: Dark Tortoise | Green | Matte Black

Evergreen 6020 Green

Also available in: Black | Tortoise


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