Eye Health in Focus | Meet Optometrist Dr. Justin Asgarpour

As an independent Optometrist and partner of Clearly, Dr. Justin Asgarpour is focused on encouraging regular eye exams with licensed Eye Care Professionals and educating consumers on the importance of focusing on eye health. “As an Optometrist and partner with Clearly, I’m fortunate to be living proof of ‘choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life’. I’m grateful every day that helping people is my life’s work”.


In addition to his optometry practice, Dr. Asgarpour provides crucial support to our Vision Ambassador team as he is passionate in sharing the importance of prevention and maintaining a regular eye exam schedule to ensure healthy eyes. He often participates in our Change the View projects that provide prescriptive glasses, UV protective sunglasses, Vitamin A tablets and eye health education worldwide.

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