Eye Health Resolutions with Barbara Ann Solomon

When it comes to yearly resolutions, making sure that your vision is corrected and protected is one of the best things you can do for your overall, long-term health. We spoke with Barbara Ann from the much-loved blog Barbara Ann Style Blog about her own optical goals for 2017:

Q: What makes you excited to wear glasses?

A: Falling in love with eyewear has given me the freedom of choice. Each day, regardless of what I’m wearing, I can choose to stand out or blend in based on the frames I’ve chosen. I also love how much of a conversation piece that they’ve become.

Q: Why is eye health important to you?

A: In 2015 and 2016 I got injured and went through a difficult time with my mental health as well. I made it my new goal to live life in balance, prioritize the things I can control, and improve my overall health. I made simple changes, like regular eye exams and doctor appointments, and ensuring proper care of my contact lenses.

Q: How do you incorporate eyewear into your everyday style?

A: I love how easy it is to switch up my style by changing frame color, shape, or material. I now recommend that everyone have at least two different frames: something basic that can be worn daily, and a second pair that adds instant personality to an outfit.barb3

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