Eye Health Resolutions with Elise Purdon

When it comes to yearly resolutions, making sure that your vision is corrected and protected is one of the best things you can do for your overall, long-term health. We spoke with Elise from the much-loved blog A Piece of Elise about her own optical goals for 2017:

Q: Why is eye health important to you?

A: I’ve struggled with eye health for many years after not taking proper care of my eyes when I was younger. I would literally wear disposable contacts for three days straight! For this reason, eye health is more important to me than ever because I know what it’s like to live with eyes that are constantly uncomfortable.

Q: What makes you excited to wear glasses?

A: The fashion obsessed part of me loves having the perfect frames to finish off an outfit. I like big black plastic glasses for a statement aesthetic, a cat-eye when I’m feeling fancy and metal frames when I’m on-the-go. In my mind, glasses are like jewelry, but with a practical side too. Add in their selection of prescription sunglasses and Clearly has me feeling like Anna Wintour!

Q: What are some steps you’re taking to improve your eye health or vision?

A: I wear glasses most of the time and contact lenses only a few times a week. I’ve also become more selective about when I wear eye makeup. I use only all-natural products, and make a point to thoroughly wash all of my cosmetics off at the end of the day. There’s nothing like struggling with your eye health to really get you focusing on how to treat your eyes better.

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