Eye Health Resolutions with Siffat

When it comes to yearly resolutions, making sure that your vision is corrected and protected is one of the best things you can do for your overall, long-term health. We spoke with Siffat from the much-loved blog Icing & Glitter about her own optical goals for 2017:

Q: Why is eye health important to you?

A: I’ve always believed comfort and style go hand in hand, whether that means opting for practical footwear or a sweater that’s equal parts fashionable and cozy. This belief translates to my relationship with vision, because it’s impossible to feel fully comfortable and confident if I’m unable to see clearly.

Q: What makes you excited to wear glasses?

A: I think like to think of eyewear as an accessory, so I love how I’m able to change up a look with the simple addition of glasses.

Q: What are some steps you’re taking to improve your eye health or vision?

A: Finding a pair of glasses I love was the first step. I’m also trying to incorporate eye exercises that were recommended to me by my optometrist, like looking away after a half hour of staring at my computer screen.


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