Eye Health Resolutions with Wayne

When it comes to yearly resolutions, making sure that your vision is corrected and protected is one of the best things you can do for your overall, long-term health. We spoke with Wayne from the much-loved blog Modern Standard about his own optical goals for 2017:

Q: Why is eye health important to you?

A: Without sight, I wouldn’t be able to do the things I love. Everything I do requires sight: from watching my favourite movies, to reading piles of books, to appreciating the beautiful views in Vancouver, BC.

Q: What makes you excited to wear glasses?

A: For me, not only is eye health important, style plays a huge part in my life as well. Sometimes at meetings I want to look more mature, so I wear my glasses with a suit. In general, having a stylish pair of frames complements my everyday look so well.

Q: What are some steps you’re taking to improve your eye health or vision?

This year, I plan to go out more and watch less TV. I also plan to schedule regular visits with my optometrist to get my eyes checked. I am nearsighted, so picking up the right frames with the correct prescription is key to my eye health.


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