The ultimate festival survival kit

Only fools rush into festival season unprepared. That’s why we’ve created a list of essentials to keep you cool, calm, collected, and connected through a long day of desert revelry.

Here are our top 10 must-haves:

1. Hydrate in style

You already know the importance of staying hydrated while spending long hours under a hot sun, but you can up the quality of your water bottle game by looking for a brand that keeps your water cold for hours on end (and comes with a cute pattern).

2. Bring UV protection

After you’ve covered your whole body in sunscreen, don’t forget about your eyes. Make sure you’re packing 100% UV protection — not cheap tints that are often worse than wearing nothing at all.

3. Shield your sunnies

Wrap your sunglasses up in a case or a pouch to keep lenses free from scratches, and frame arms safe from wear and tear.

4. See more of the show

Pack prescription glasses for sundown if you want to take in even more of the festival’s sights.

5. Keep it cool

Still managed to get a sunburn? Remember to bring a cool-down spray or some great garden-variety aloe so you’re feeling no pain.

6. Throw in a crystal

Hey — it can’t hurt.

7. Swipe on some makeup

Makeup sticks are the best way to achieve an easy, natural look in seconds without worrying about mid-day meltdown.

8. Travel in style

The fanny pack is back — and keeps all of your essential festival items in one place without the bulk, heft, and theftability of a backpack.

9. Stay charged

The crystal can’t help you here. Pick up a portable charger to make sure you always know when the next show is and where your friends are.

10. Freshen up

Even if, after days in a tent, a shower is a long-distant memory, you can stay looking and feeling fresh with a dry shampoo, a cooling face mist, and a thick all-over balm to combat dry heat.


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