How To Find Glasses that Fit


Along with having a copy of your prescription on hand, knowing the dimensions of your glasses makes it quick and easy to buy your next pair online. Once you know the measurements of your best-fitting frames, you can confidently choose a pair with a similar fit and feel.

Use temple (arm) measurements


Look at the inside arm of your frame and check for the numbers indicated above. You can usually find them on the left hand side, though some may be displayed on the ear piece or the nose bridge. Typically you’ll see three numbers – one 2-digit figure which represents the lens width, one 2-digit figure that represents the bridge width, and a 3-digit figure that measures the length of your frame arms.

Use measurements from a current pair of glasses or sunglasses

If you don’t see a clear series of measurements along the inside arm, you can still find your best fit by measuring your glasses yourself.

How to measure your glasses

Step One: Measure the Inside Frame Width


To determine width, put the edge of your ruler over your frame and measure from the left hinge to the right hinge.

Step Two: Measure the Temple (arm) Length


Place your ruler at the hinge and measure straight across to the furthest end of the arm.

Tip: frame sizes do not usually have to be exact – numbers within a few millimeters in either width or length should still fit. Spring hinges allow for increased flexibility and durability in the life of your glasses.

 How to search for frames using their measurements


1. Head to the MyFit tool on our website and click “Add” to input your glasses measurements.

2. Enter the three figures from your current pair in the three separate fields.

3. (Optional) Store this measurement in your MyAccount so you can always shop with your ideal fit.

4. Browse the site and only see frames in your size so you can focus on style.

Now that you know how to find glasses that fit, you can refine your search for frames first on size and then continue searching for the styles, brands, shapes, and materials.

Ready to start finding your perfect frames?

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Looking for more information on how to find your perfect pair of glasses?

Our Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Pair of Glasses provides more information on tailoring your frame style to your face shape, shopping by frame type, and tips for complementing your eyewear to your hair and eye color, and skin tone.

Originally published January 2016. Updated March 2017.

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