Find Your Style | Glitter Glasses

A great piece of eyewear can enliven any look, and provide a transformative style moment. With the launch of the Love Glitter Collection its designer, Marie Stipancik, handpicked frames to demonstrate how they flatter a variety of face shapes, skin tones, and personal styles.


And above all, watch with GLITTERING eyes the whole world around you – Roald Dahl


This rounded frame softens her angular features, and the strong brow line is a natural choice for her diamond face shape.  Her gorgeous brown eyes sparkle with the glittery blue!


Gold works almost as a neutral with just a hint of sparkle.  Marie’s oval face shape suits a variety of frame shapes, and wears this bold cat eye beautifully.


Laura’s cool blonde hair and icy blue eyes pair perfectly with silver.  Her oval face shape carries this fun twist on a Clubmaster style effortlessly.


Liona’s delicate features play well with this round top-brow frame.  Rose gold is a nice, versatile choice that flatters her complexion.


Liza has one of those faces that can pull off ANY pair of frames.  This particular cat eye complements her olive skin tone, works with her face shape, and makes a strong statement without overshadowing her lovely personality.



Bright red glitter glasses are a great complement for Kim’s stunning caramel skintone.  The soft cat eye frames her eyes beautifully without drawing attention away.



Erin’s sunny disposition suits the warm sparkle of this rose gold frame – and it also makes the amber in her necklace pop!

The Details


Hypo-allergenic metal stainless steel frames combine strength and durability with comfort and lightness in six stunning colours: Silver Tinsel, Cranberry Punch, Champagne Bubbles, Winter Chill, Starry Night, and Rose Gold. A truly unique production process layers real glitter over the frames, which is then sealed in a clear epoxy for a textured dimension that is smooth to the touch.


These glasses feature triple-barrel hinges – a gold standard in functional design – and their plastic coated screws further ensure the longevity of these frames as the coating prevents them from backing out. The highest-quality medical silicone adjustable nosepads ensure comfort regardless of their length of wear.

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