Focus on Style: Derek Cardigan Glasses


Derek Cardigan frames are fast becoming a favourite pick of both fashion editors and style bloggers, and can be easily identified on the streets by their unique design.

Glasses designer Derek Desierto began designing in Vancouver and was quickly a standout for his love of retro fashion. His first offering was presented for the Fall/Winter Season in 2010, taking inspiration from Woody Allen and Rivers Cuomo, the lead singer of Weezer.

Q. When did your love of glasses begin?

A. I was so in love with eyeglasses that in elementary school I started reading my comics with very little light to try to worsen my vision. It didn’t work so I took to lying on my sight exams instead (with apologies to my mother) and finally got my first pair of glasses!

Q. Which glasses wearers do you most identify with?

A. My style and my taste is closely aligned with Woody Allen for his films and Rivers Cuomo for his music. Beyond their talents I feel like our styles and personalities also match.

Q. Why do you think that we are seeing more frames on the streets these days?

A. Probably from straining our eyes with all of our technological devices? Ha. But no, seriously I think everyone is realizing they’re a fantastic addition to any wardrobe and more and more we can match our frames to our look for the day.

Q. What is the foundation for your own style?

A. I love classic staples and usually pair a button down shirt, pants, a sweater and frames. I know what suits me so I like to stay within that framework.

Q. What is your ultimate style advice?

A. Be confident in what looks great on you and don’t worry about every passing fad.

Q. When did you first see someone wearing a pair of Derek Cardigan’s?

A. I was on my way home from the office on the bus and there was a woman wearing a pair of my glasses. At first I couldn’t believe they were Derek Cardigan’s and then I saw the math symbols and knew. It brought a smile to my face.

Q. What are you never without?

A. My iPhone.

Q. What’s next for the Derek Cardigan brand?

A. I’m excited for a greater variety of retro-inspired shapes and great colours. I can barely wait to introduce the collection.

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