Glasses Trends: Summer 2013

The season of barbeques, beaches and flip-flops awaits us, and to add to the excitement we’re going to share with you the hottest glasses trends for the season.

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This vintage-inspired look provides a completely new style direction and is making a huge comeback this year. Whether you’re ready to fully embrace perfectly round frames, or want a gradual transition with softer rounded shapes, round is the next big thing for summer. Keep in mind that round glasses go best with a more square face shape as they tend to soften those angular lines.

Shop Bold Black »

A daring trend for summer is bold black. Throw on a pair of thick-framed black glasses, and you’re sure to make a statement. Black glasses also have a timeless appeal which makes them the perfect accessory for almost any look. These particular black frames feature unique colon and semi-colon temple detailing that is synonymous with the Derek Cardigan brand.

Shop Colour Explosion »

There is no better way to liven up your summer look than with vibrantly coloured glasses. The semi-transparent colour of these Gucci glasses in particular is the perfect way to bring colour into your life. As well, round shaped glasses with softer angles are trending big right now.

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