Holiday Party Looks

‘Tis the season to celebrate. From post work mingling to annual family celebrations, it’s time to prep yourself for some serious party hopping this holiday season.

We know that having to recycle the same look for multiple occasions is rarely the sought after plan, so why not give your glasses ensemble some variety this season with these top holiday party looks.


Subtle patterns


Give your party look some added glamour with subtle patterns that are lightly etched into the design.

Rich Burgundy


With burgundy being the colour of the season, introducing this rich hue into your holiday attire is a must.

Delicate details


Let unique details such as delicate black crystals effortlessly transform your look into a holiday showstopper.



Two-toned fade


Stay on trend this holiday season by adding depth to your style with glasses that feature a two-toned faded design.

Give your party look a modern twist with Aviator glasses that are slightly bolder than their original wiry design.

Sleek semi-rimless


If you’re drawn to more subdued designs, frame your eyes with a sleek pair of semi-rimless glasses in a rich coffee hue.

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