Jil Sander Glasses: Colourful Curves

The Core Outfit

This week we experiment with colour and feminine curves paired with our featured Jil Sander glasses. You can accentuate your curves with a fit and flared peplum top to create a higher waistline, along with a darker coloured Kenzo wrap skirt to slim the bottom half of your body and complete this colourful feminine outfit.

The Accessories

Our featured Jil Sander glasses portray smart chic and is perfect to go with this mix of striking yellow and feminine burgundy. It’s a great compliment to your overall look whenever you wear warm hues like orange, red, beige, and a fun contrast to bold colours like yellow.

We have fun with this look with Kenzo stacked platform heels, a statement necklace, and a wrap gold bracelet. The colours resonate with similar tones used throughout the outfit to tie all the items together.

The Makeup

Draw in your eyebrows to give yourself a fresh-faced look. Line your eyes with black eyeliner, add two sweeps of mascara, and perfect your complexion with your favourite CC cream (we love how it provides coverage, primer and skin care benefits!)


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