Joseph Marc Glasses: Focus on Style

Like a well-tailored suit, sophisticated and strong frames can provide an added boost to any look. The Joseph Marc brand delivers streamlined shapes, sleek materials and warm colours.

Michelle Lane, glasses designer and superstylist, provided some insights into some of the reasons for the brand’s popularity in the workplace.

“Statement glasses both catch and keep the viewer’s attention, delivering a strong message about your confidence and leadership.”

The Joseph Marc brand offers unisex styles, and Michelle offered insight on how a pair can work perfectly for both men and women.

“The shape and size of any pair of glasses should be the primary focus behind any frames purchase.  A Retro-Wingtip, such as the Joseph Marc 4071 Green Tortoise glasses, is ideal on any face and completes a polished look.  Today’s frame styles are interchangeable as male and female wearers can enjoy similar patterns and colours.”

The brand also eases seamlessly from the boardroom to post-workday drinks according to Michelle.

“It is incredible how your frames can develop your aura, giving you confidence and an added boost.”

With little time to change after a day at the office, a change in frames can be the perfect transition from day to night, and Joseph Marc offers great selection and glasses style.

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