Lacoste Glasses: Get Graphic


The Core Outfit

This week we add funk with a pair of blue aviator Lacoste glasses and mix it with textured graphic prints and accessories. We chose a Jonathan Saunders pencil skirt textured with a raised teardrop print. To move the waistline up and create the perception of longer legs, we chose a mesh swing crop top from Ellery Reggie – making the look very nonchalant and effortlessly chic and fun.

The Accessories

Since we are having some fun with the blue colour of these Lacoste glasses, we thought a Sophia Webster talking bubble clutch would be really cute as a pairing. We keep the shoes casual and chic with thin strappy high heels from Zara in classic black. Are you ready for your own pair of funky blue Lacoste glasses?

The Makeup

We like electric eyeliner to complete the look. Pick your colour from these shiny shades from Urban Decay, which are super easy to use for colour that stays all day and night; even when it smudges it just makes the look sexier. Shape your jawline with a bit of bronzer on your cheekbones and down along your jawline and finish off with electric blue nail polish to match your blue Lacoste glasses!

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