Matthew McConaughey’s Eyewear | Round Translucent Glasses

Matthew McConaughey’s glasses incorporate two of our favourite frame trends, round shapes paired with translucent materials. Recently presented with an honourary  award by Christopher Nolan at the 28th American Cinematheque Awards, he made his acceptance speech while wearing tan translucent glasses that we’ve also noticed him sporting at late night interview appearances and Q&A Sessions.

Matthew McConaughey exhibits that translucent round glasses are a new classic style that can be paired for any occasion for a smart, pulled-together look. With Interstellar premiering on November 7th, we look forward to see more of his sartorial parings in the days ahead.




Translucent materials provide a sleek style to glasses frames, and an update to classic shapes. From completely clear to semi-transparent with varied colour tones, perfectly round to a rounded rectangle, these frames can be flattering for any skin tone and face shape.




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