Meet the Musician: Zerbin

We had the chance to catch up with, and get serenaded by, the lovely and talented members of local Edmonton band, Zerbin, at Keloha Music Festival. As avid fans of Derek Cardigan glasses, we were excited to check out their festival style and see what these guys are all about.

The Photo Op

The Inside Scoop

Band Name: Zerbin

Hometown: Edmonton

Music Genre: Indie, Rock, Pop, Symphonic little fairies in your ears

Top 3 bands on your radar this summer: The National, Ellie Goulding and the Bahamas (they’re Canadian!)

How do Derek Cardigan glasses fit into your style: DC’s seem to compliment almost any outfit or mood we find ourselves in

Favourite social media platform: Hands down Instagram. Pretty pictures and few words. That’s where it’s at, and where we’re the most active for sure.

Tell us about your upcoming EP: Five really good, melodic, magical, long overdue songs

What’s the inspiration behind this EP: Life, love, death and everything in between

How would you compare playing at a festival vs. a regular show? Regular shows are good for focused people (haha!) and festivals are just good vibes, music from morning ’til night, outdoors, good food, good drinks… all really good things. You’ll usually get more wanderers and loungers at festivals, but we love both!

Zerbin’s Top Picks

EP Sneak Peak

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