Michael Kors Glasses: The “It” Accessory

Michael Kors has made a mark in the fashion world not only through his talent for celebrating the feminine figure, but for his growing empire of accessories. From the must-have Michael Kors watch to a pair of ultra feminine Michael Kors glasses, Kors showcases the power of accessorizing.

Michael Kors

From sitting in the judges chair on the popular fashion design show Project Runway to designing for Michelle Obama, Michael Kors’ influence in setting a trend is clear.

As for Michael Kors’ ultimate celebrity muse, Michael Kors states that “Jennifer Lopez epitomizes my love of the modern jet-set woman—today’s answer to Elizabeth Taylor glamour, circa Butterfield 8, all dipped in tones of honey, caramel, and camel.”

The “It” Accessory

When it comes to accessorizing, Michael Kors has statement pieces for each and every occasion. If you have a love for chic eyeglasses designs, updating your look with a pair of Michael Kors glasses is the perfect addition to your look.

For those more technologically saavy fashion mavens, protecting your phone with a hot pink Michael Kors iPhone case is a must. A lime green leather tote is another essential accessory for the girl on the go, as well as a classic Michael Kors watch in a warm blush hue.

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