Nikola Girke: Olympic Windsurfer

As a three time Olympian, Nikola Girke knows that her time at the London 2012 Olympics will be a life altering experience. We were honoured with the opportunity to sit down with Nikola to learn just what it takes to compete amongst the world’s top windsurfers, and what her favourite part of the Olympics is. Watch her interview above.

Sporting her favourite red wellies, Nikola preps her gear for one of her last practice sessions in Vancouver before heading to London to compete for her country on the world stage.

Nikola’s Prized Possessions

When asked what prized possessions are coming with her to the London 2012 Olympics, Nikola highlights four things she wouldn’t dare leave home without.

Nikola’s official Olympic jacket, which is adorned with both the London 2012 Olympic badge and official Team Canada badge, is a must have item during the London games.

“This jacket is my newest and latest official team gear. I got it recently in Weymouth during one of my training camps for the Olympics.”

Nikola is seen here wearing her official Olympic jacket and MaxMara 920 Transparent Olive glasses which caught her eye due to the flattering rectangle design and warm earthy colour.

Another item on Nikola’s packing list is her silver necklace she received during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.

“I received this necklace from CAN Fun, an organization that fundraises money for athletes so they can compete on the world stage. It says “I Believe” on it and got it during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics when that was the theme of the Olympics and it’s carried forward with me to the London Olympics.”

Nikola lastly mentions her Olympic ring that her and her team mates have all worn for over eight years to show their Olympic pride.

“I have an Olympic ring, it’s my keepsake. It has Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 engraved inside of it… and now maybe I’ll have to get another one for London!”

Good luck Nikola!

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