People’s Choice Awards & Alicia Keys Style

The People’s Choice Awards continue to be a young and fun ceremony driven by the fans of television, film and music alike with their votes being the deciding factor on who wins an award. The apparent youthfulness of the awards are emphasized with the relaxed attire worn by the attending celebrities compared to the other formal ceremonies we tune into throughout the year.

A key performance at the People’s Choice Awards which must be mentioned was the much anticipated performance by Alicia Keys with her songs “Girl On Fire” and “New Day”. Alicia has always been known as a powerhouse singer which was proved by the audience giving her a standing ovation before she even hit her first note. Towards the end of the performance, Alicia Keys pushed it into high gear with “New Day” and joined her male dancers and left her usually pedestal, her piano.

As seen in the picture above, Alicia Keys is always one to be fashion forward with her outfit choices which is evident with her equestrian themed outfit highlighted by the red velvet blazer, high raise pants and knee high boots. In her most recent video “Brand New Me’, Alicia chose to wear a pair of Derek Cardigan 7017 Shadow frames which accentuate her unique style.

Of course, our favourites were in attendance to fun ceremonies. Jennifer Aniston was spotted in a leather Christian Dior dress, sleek in black from head to toe. Robert Downey Jr. was seen on the red carpet in his classic look of thick eyeglasses. Jennifer Lawrence, who is an Oscar nominee, won Favourite Actress People’s Choice Award and she accepted the award in Valentino Couture. The “hit after hit” artist Taylor Swift went with an all white ensemble with a deep plunge by Ralph Lauren Collection.

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