Rachel Stewart: Curated Collection

Rachel Stewart Jewelry is the bespoke line designed by Rachel Stewart with a focus on bold and beautiful pieces. Launched in the past four years, Rachel Stewart Jewelry is influenced by the strong and assured style of icons from the 1980’s and 1990’s, including Patti LaBelle and Phyllis Hyman.

For 2013, Rachel will be designing “clear acrylic pieces that are accented with mirrored detailing and feature geometric shapes.” She notes, ” “I try not to pay attention to trends so I can stay true to my creative process.”

Rachel Stewart was inspired to pair some of her newest offerings with eyeglasses that best compliment the style. For more of Rachel’s favorite styles currently available at ClearlyContacts.ca, she provided an exclusive curated collection for us with a fantastic offering of stylish statement eyewear.

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Ladies Who Lunch

Shop Left: Derek Cardigan 7004 Fog »

“I paired my Silver afro pic earrings with the cool grey of these frames for a hip and effortless look, great for a lunch date with the girls and shopping!”

Shop Right: Love L744 Jelly Purple »

“I just had to play mix and match with my Pink Queen studs and the vibrant purple of this frame, very fresh.”

Party Time

Shop Left: Derek Cardigan 7005 B Black »

“Nothing looks better with these frames than a bright red lip and a bold earring like my Dwennimmen Adinkra which are feather light and perfect for dancing.”

Shop Right: Love L741 Brunette Tortoiseshell »

“My Octavia acrylic studs are stunning with an updo and these retro frames that are fun and flirty.”

All Work and Play

Shop Left: Derek Cardigan 7012 Birch »

“I paired my wooden Puma studs with the subtle but funky frames for a conservative and fun look.”

Shop Right: Derek Cardigan 7012 Brown Tortoiseshell»

“My wild seed mirrored studs look great with these frames and give you a bold but not over the top look for work.”

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