The Return of Metal Frames

metal frames

For a trend that was once considered the domain of the much-maligned Brooklyn hipster, it comes as a bit of a shock to realize that big chunky plastic frames have dominated the eyewear fashion game for close to a decade now. Once seen as bulky and ironic, plastic glasses have become simply commonplace, to the point where their style impact feels rote rather than revolutionary.


And while acetate glasses are still very much in vogue, over the past few months the styles have gotten a little narrower, a little less retro, and a little more minimalist in general. It’s a clear reflection of our growing desire to pare down, tidy up, and appreciate what we have.


Metal frames need not be just a polished, professional semi-rimless style that fades into the background. And that’s where the new breed of metal frames comes in, offering a similar range of fun shapes and inventive colors as their plastic counterparts, but with a cleaner and more streamlined finish.


Metal frames also tend to carry added features that improve their overall fit and function, making them a more multifaceted and essential accessory – features like flexible spring hinges and adjustable pads so that all shapes and sizes can find a slip-free fit.



So get back to basics with the new minimalist metallics.

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