At The Shows 2: NYFW 2013

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Our editors capture the hottest trends in fashion and eyewear at New York Fashion Week from fashion bloggers, designers, and all around fashion lovers such as J. Alexander, Natalie Liao and Kia Denise during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center.

Classic meanswear is showcased by this show attendee and accessorized with sleek rectangle eyeglasses in glossy black acetate.

J. Alexander aka Miss J/Runway Coach/America’s Next Top Model

J. Alexander, who adopted the nickname Miss J while on America’s Next Top Model life, struts his stuff outside Lincoln Center in dark denim jeans and a comfy zip up hoodie. Miss J adds an edgy twist to his classic accessorizes with a pair of leather motorcycle gloves. J. Alexander finishes off his NYFW look with oversized aviator sunglasses.

This fashion maven stands out with a vibrant pink blazer and purposeful accessories, including a pair of vintage chic Retro-Wingtip eyeglasses.

This fashionista on-the-go pairs a faux fur jacket with leather leggings and accessorizes with classic Ray Ban aviator sunglasses and a Michael Kors handbag.

A New York Fashion Week attendee shows the powerful effect of matching green reflective Ray Ban sunglasses with pieces in the same colour palette.

New York Fashion Week saw its fair share of gossip worthy sunglasses, with these stunning cat eye sunglasses taking the cake.

With fashion magazines in tow, this fashion week goer selected oversized black sunglasses featuring a metal nose bridge and metal temple detailing to take her to and from the shows.

Elisa Nalin/Fashion Director/Crash Magazine

Elisa Nalin, Fashion Director of Crash magazine and Contributing Editor to French Glamour, is seen in head to toe camel. Elisa Nalin pairs her monochromatic look with a warm coral lip and metal Retro-Wingtip sunglasses.

This eccentric New York Fashion Week duo accessorize their looks with two of the most distinct shapes in eyewear right now, oversized round lenses and sharp geometric lines.

The art of mixing and matching is showcased perfectly at New York Fashion Week as seen here with a wide-brimmed hat, leopard and leather bomber jacket, long sequin skirt and crystal statement necklace.

Adam Gallagher/Fashion Blogger/I Am Galla

Adam Gallagher of I Am Galla is seen sporting a crisp white country club inspired look during New York Fashion Week. Adam Gallagher finishes off this ode to preppy style with a classic pair of black Ray Ban Retro-Wingtip sunglasses.

Sunglasses featuring reflective lenses, as well as round shaped lenses, are both trending big at New York Fashion Week, this attendee shows how to wear both.

This fashion photographer shows how oversized eyeglasses can be the focal point of any look during New York Fashion Week.

Tienlyn Jacobson/Fashion Blogger/Say Hello Max

Tienlyn Jacobson of Say Hello Max pairs a coral leather bomber jacket with oversized round sunglasses by Prada. These sunglasses, which have also been spotted in black during New York Fashion Week, feature a unique baroque inspired scroll detail on the arms that are unmistakable.

Watch interview with Tienlyn & others: Style Talk at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week »

Natalie Liao/Fashion Blogger/La Vagabond Dame

Natalie Liao, fashion blogger for La Vagabond Dame, carefully selects the perfect pair of cat eye sunglasses that feature a horn browline to accompany her New York Fashion Week look. Natalie’s boho chic style is brought to life through the juxtaposition of her bold gold accessories and emerald cable knit sweater.

A popular accessory seen among fashion show goers at New York Fashion Week are felt caps featuring two peaks that resembled cat ears. This is paired with the popular green reflective Ray Ban sunglasses.

With round eyeglasses being the clear trend in eyewear right now, this show attendee is right on track when it comes to his glasses style.

This casual look showcases the art of layering, as well as the popular two-toned eyeglasses trend as seen with these black to caramel Retro-Wingtip eyeglasses.

This fashion show goer is not afraid to show off his personal style, especially when it comes to these perfectly round eyeglasses in thick tortoiseshell acetate.

Kia Denise/Fashion Blogger/My Style 2 Yours & Leslie/Fashion Blogger/Pretty Haute

Kia Denise of My Style 2 Yours and Leslie of Pretty Haute incorporate all of the latest trends within their looks for New York Fashion Week: faux fur, studs, leather, bold prints and the must-have accessory, mirrored aviator sunglasses.


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