Stylish Titanium Glasses Frames for Men and Women


Titanium is a strong, malleable and corrosion-resistant silver metal. Commonly used in the industrial, military, automotive and electronics sectors, it is also a popular choice for creating glasses frames because of its durability. Titanium frames are also comfortable and lightweight, making it an ideal material for glasses.

When compared with steel and acetate frames, titanium glasses frames can be slightly more expensive. However, the durability and benefits of titanium definitely outweigh the difference in cost. If you are looking for a great pair of strong and light titanium frames, consider the following styles.

Designed with the stylish woman in mind, this brown frame has a titanium construction accented by sparkly amber-coloured crystals at the top of the frame for a little extra glamour. This pair is an excellent every day frame for women searching for a chic accessory.

Designed with your comfort in mind, these unisex titanium glasses frames have a fashionable dark grey matte finish with red interior. Complete with Ad Lib’s Excellence Titan hinge system, your glasses will open and close smoothly and last longer.

These distinct rectangular-shaped glasses feature a brown and silver titanium frame. With simple, clean lines, Ltede has drawn inspiration for this style from modern architecture. You’ll look smart and feel comfortable with this pair.

This ultra-lightweight frame is rimless with brown titanium arms. These glasses will withstand dropping, bending, and other mishaps we tend to have with our glasses. For a classic and casual everyday look, you can’t go wrong with this style.

These semi-rimless glasses for men are so light that they will feel weightless on your face. Ideal for people who prefer comfort over any other factor, this pair of titanium glasses frames are a classic style you can wear every day.

The thin and sleek metallic brown frame of these glasses is accented by the Giorgio Armani logo at the temples. If you want a high-fashion, comfortable pair of titanium glasses frames, these gorgeous glasses are a great choice for both men and women.

Titanium glasses frames are one of the best choices for your everyday pair since they are super light, comfortable and durable. Since titanium is extremely flexible, your glasses can be pulled off and on, bent and dropped without permanent damage. As a bonus, they look sleek and stylish and are available in many different fashionable designer frame styles.


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