Wedding Style: Wearing Frames On The Big Day


More and more brides are integrating their daily style into their weddings but many forego their specs on the day. From ball gowns to cocktail dresses, many still wonder: But should I wear my frames?

We surveyed a number of our wedded coworkers around the office for their firsthand advice, and they provided us with commentary on their top picks.


Wedding Style #1


“This bride shows confidence with her frames as her only accessory on her wedding day. I love the simplicity of the dress and the sparkle in her eye.” – Utako, married 6 years

Wedding Style #2


“The undone hair and soft gown beautifully match this bride’s choice to wear her stylish frames on her day. I love that it demonstrates how feminine and delicate you can still look at your wedding.” – Shannon, married 11 years

Wedding Style #3


“I like this bride’s polished look as her rimless frames compliment her shorter hair and strapless dress. She looks smart and sophisticated.” – Natsuki, married 2.5 years

Wedding Style #4


“I love the complementary style of this couple! By both wearing their frames they demonstrate a new way to bridge their looks.” – Andrea, married 8 years

Wedding Style #5


“This bride appears unafraid to be an individual at her wedding. The dress is simple and the frames make the statement. She jumped past the standard fare and seems completely comfortable on her day.” – Jennie, engaged to be married

Wedding Style #6


“I love the fun and coy details that this bride has selected. From her tinted waistband to the cute hairpiece and bold frames she ties together the elements very well.” – Kam, married 3.5 years


Ready to find your optical aisle style?


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