Zooey Deschanel: Bold Glasses Style

New Girl

Once considered an indie darling, Zooey Deschanel made waves in the smash hit, New Girl, last year that also brought her quirky and fun style to the forefront. Her geek chic Retro-Wingtip glasses style perfectly personifies her characters offbeat character on the show, a style that she mirrors offscreen as well.

Zooey used her Retro-Wingtip glasses as a comic tool in the first episode of the New Girl and has been on everyone’s style radar ever since. Known for finding unique ways to reinterpret vintage style with a modern take, Marie Claire notes that she “will always be your girl-next-door with a killer wardrobe”. She is equally known for making statements with her glasses. The bold shape of Zooey’s glasses perfectly frames her blue eyes, and the tortoise pattern is an ideal match for her brunette hair. She always knows how to pick a glasses frame that doesn’t distract from her features, selecting different patterns and colours to reflect the mood of the day.

Larry Leight notes that Zooey’s glasses style is “a feminine design is inspired by the masculine styles worn by Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison.” That twist on geek style demonstrates her individualistic 60’s style that has been embraced by fashion insiders and her fans alike.


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