B.U.M. Equipment Glasses

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B.U.M. Equipment Glasses

A Balanced, High-Tech Retro Look

Launched out of a garage in 1986, B.U.M. Equipment is now developing a line of eyewear products to suit any well-studied urbanite and Coastal is pleased to include them among the comprehensive selection of fashionable glasses available. Durable, sleek and uniquely designed, these eyewear frames pack a powerful look with a vintage flair.

Comfort and durability are at the core of B.U.M equipment glasses collection. They have a retro, metro vibe to generate attention and give you a carefree air. Produced with quality materials and coming in a variety of options, these frames offer several vintage styles and shapes to bring perfect balance to your appearance.

There is a full selection of B.U.M Equipment eyeglasses to choose from whether you want a frame that is round, rectangle, oval or cateye. These functional, dependable eyeglasses are the fashion-centric choice for the chic and bold—young and old.