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Bolon Eyeglasses - The Pursuit of Perfection

Bolon, one of the world's largest manufacturers of eyeglasses, doesn't see itself as simply an eyewear maker. Its designers see themselves as "identity architects." What does that mean? Since the glasses you wear communicate a message to the world about who you are, Bolon crafts its eyewear to help wearers broadcast that message as clearly as possible. That means an almost slavish obsession with the smallest of details; a perfectionist approach from the conceptual stage until you slide on a pair for the first time.

At Clearly, we share that dedication to perfection. That's why we're proud to carry a line of eyeglasses from Bolon. Whatever message you want to communicate to the world about yourself, you'll find it here, from stunning cat eyes to bold rectangles and retro wingtips. Every detail is considered, down to the ultra-lightweight acetate arms, the metal adornments, and the striking patterns. Be sure to make them yours: choose your frames, add a prescription and then pick from a range of coatings.