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Genesis Eyeglasses - The Ultimate in Refinement

There's a trend in eyeglass design from time to time that wants to add more: more bling, more accoutrements, more materials. But sometimes the most refined styles are those that take away all the noise and leave you with nothing but the purest form. That's the idea behind Genesis Eyeglasses from Altair. Genesis glasses celebrate the unmistakable beauty of simplicity with delicate patterns, clean lines, and classic shapes, crafting frames that speak volumes about you without having to scream it.

Clearly is thrilled to bring you a selection of elegant eyewear from Genesis. Choose from full frame, semi-rimless and rimless in a wide range of colors and styles, then add your prescription to get a pair that's custom made for you. Clearly's options don't end there, either. We offer Transitions for universal wear, tinted lenses for outdoor use and even Kodak BlueReflect for reducing the risks of eyestrain when using computers or handheld devices.