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Jeff Banks Glasses - Timeless Looks for Men Who Know What They Want

Jeff Banks has always marched to the beat of his own drum – long before the creation of the Jeff Banks glasses collection. He started a paraffin business at the age of 13 and sold it for a profit two years later. With that money and the money he'd saved, he launched a boutique in London 1964. His designs became such a part of chic society, that he launched his own label in 1969. Sears took over one of his enterprises in those early days and, rather than acquiesce to their demands, he raised a ruckus and forced them to fire him (he wears it as a badge of honor). Two years later he was named British Designer of the Year, proving that true artists don't compromise their art.

That spirit of resolute independence informs the Jeff Banks Eyeglasses collection here at Clearly. You'll find frames forged from Monel metal and plastic, crafted with an unyielding attention to detail. Shapes range from rectangular to oval, and you have your choice of a range of colors, but the look is always consistently timeless.