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Irresistible Style with Jessica Simpson Eyeglasses

Jessica Simpson has become an American icon since the launch of her debut album in 1999. She's an actress, multi-platinum singer, TV personality, and, since 2006, a recognized fashion designer. She's always been known for being classy and having a fun streak and the Jessica Simpson Collection, including the Jessica Simpson Eyeglasses collection, reflects that with timeless styles that use a vibrant, colorful palette. Everything is made to flatter the average girl; to make her feel sweet and sexy at the same time.

Her line of glasses is designed for the girl who is confident in who she is; a girl who lives by the three Fs — fun, flirty, and feminine. All of the Jessica Simpson eyeglasses are made by hand and incorporate materials like brushed metal, Swarovski crystals, and imported European elements. At Clearly, you get comfort and style at an affordable price.