Jimmy Choo Glasses

Jimmy Choo Eyeglasses - Daring and Sophisticated

There's a reason the Jimmy Choo style has become popular among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Sandra Bullock — the brand is about more than just sophisticated styles; it's about empowering women with glamour and a playful sense of fearlessness. In fact, that daring spirit has attracted more than just movie stars; Princess Diana was a big fan, too. Now, Jimmy Choo has taken the same handcrafted artistry that made its shoes famous and applied it to a line of couture eyeglasses.

At Clearly, we're pleased to bring you a range of Jimmy Choo frame styles to fit any style. Our selection of Jimmy Choo glasses includes semi-rimless frames crafted from metal, gorgeous cat eyes made from durable acetate and full-rim rectangles in lightweight plastic — all with a wide choice of colors, patterns and lens options. So whether you're looking for an everyday pair or frames to wear out to the next big party, you'll find them here.