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Kate Spade Glasses - Playful Sophistication

Kate Spade got her start as a accessories editor at fashion magazine Mademoiselle, but talking up other people's creations didn't scratch her artistic itch. In her time as an editor, she noticed there was a distinct lack of sensible, fun handbags on the market, so she started Kate Spade in 1993 to fill that void. She used crisp colors, clean designs and a fun spirit that echoed with women around the world and her eponymous label soon became a global phenomenon. That simple sophistication is still the driving force behind everything the brand does, and it's especially evident with the Kate Spade Eyeglasses line.

The Kate Spade glasses collection offers a variety of traditional designs, from the cat eye to the classic rectangle. Make no mistake, though: these aren't your mother's eyeglasses. Striking color combinations, eye-popping patterns, and playful temple details turn these timeless classics into fun re-imaginings that are sure to turn heads wherever you go.