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Kenzo Glasses - Dare to Be Different

Kenzo glasses exist in a rarified realm. It's got an Eastern sensibility, with an emphasis on nature, balance, and the artistic journey, and it's also got an unmistakable modern European style. That unique juxtaposition of East and West makes Zenzo glasses unlike anything out there in the world of fashion. The company's designs appeal to the fashion-conscious person who enjoys the road less taken; the person who doesn't want to wear what everyone else is wearing. Perhaps that's why it's become so popular with trendsetting celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Lorde, Beyonce and even filmmaker David Lynch.

Every pair of eyeglasses from Kenzo is as singular as the person who chooses them. At Clearly, you'll find a diverse range of frames, from vintage candy stripe cat eyes to tortoise ovals with metal temples and semi-rimless styles in a vast range of colors and patterns. Whether you're an artist, a student or a professional, you'll find something to express your style here.