Konishi Glasses

Konishi KA7752-55

Black Red

$85 $50

Konishi KL7627-54



Konishi KA7739-55

Tortoise Gradient


Konishi KA7794-52



Konishi KA7787-57



Konishi KA7785-53


$65 $50

Konishi KL7626-54

Navy Black


Konishi KL7625-51


$65 $55

Konishi KA7822-54




Quality Meets Leading Technology and Gorgeous Design

Consistently delivering trend-setting designs, Konishi has crafted their latest line of elegant eyewear products to offer a truly original look and feel. Konishi glasses not only pay attention to trends but also incorporate cutting-edge technology into every pair of frames created with a perfect balance of luxury and simple decoration.

Choose the ideal pair of konishi eyeglasses from a selection of frames that are strong, functional and comfortable. Perfect for many looks and occasions, all Konishi glasses are produced with lightweight, revolutionary materials such as Flex Titanium or acetate and designed with a touch of vintage.

All of the frames in this stylish, durable and versatile Konishi glasses collection are made for the workplace, the bar, a night out, even runways and red carpets. This is a range of frames that caters to any possible need and is a worthwhile addition to every eyewear collection.