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Chic and feminine eyewear

When searching for quality Italian ready-to-wear couture Max Mara is one of the largest names in the game. Established in 1951, Achille Maramotti created the brand with the goal of showing the world that expertly crafted, high-end women’s clothing could be designed and manufactured through industrial processes. Since then the brand has proven itself on many occasions and on numerous runways and has found its place as a global go-to brand for high quality, work and play luxury fashion.

The Max Mara glasses collections takes after the brand’s penchant for chic and charismatic women’s fashion with a tailored look and feel. Borrowing at times from men’s fashion trends, the brand innovatively infuses femininity into each look and provides a myriad of elegant options to bring you from a day in the city to the set of a high-end fashion shoot.Simple and classic, Max Mara glasses mix well in any closet.