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Rampage Eyeglasses

Contemporary Style with a Powerful, Sexy Approach

Rampage eyeglasses collection offer contemporary style with a powerful, sexy approach. Coastal is pleased to include a selection of their innovative designs that feature playful prints, modern temple accents and trendy hues intended to accentuate a wide variety of skin tones and face shapes.

Choose from a range of finely crafted glasses that are not only extremely comfortable to wear such as the semi-rimless, rectangle shape of the RA161 PL in a vibrant plum tone with spring hinges and silicone-covered nose pads. Rampage glasses, slim style are constructed from only the finest metal — they feature a little bit of whimsy at the temples.

Celebrate your personal style in every outfit, whether you're heading to the office, the beach or just lounging at home with a great book, you'll never miss the big picture wearing fashionable Rampage glasses that are bold and charming.